Han Chen Chang / Verena Quang

Fate motivated my resolution to throw myself into the fantastic animation universe.

I believe great stories can always be inspiring, and emotions can burn deeply in people’s hearts, even changing their own stories. I found my passion and gift for project management by producing diverse projects as a CG artist earlier in my life. Now as a multi-project manager at school, my most important task is to maintain healthy projects and teams to produce inspiring works. After the stress and frustration of tight schedules, budgets, and relationships, I eventually realized my double mission to serve as a student producer.

“I produce everyone to serve the world by being oneself.”

When one trusts and follows the simple path of things that light one up, losing oneself in the doing, a person will light up the world without even trying. To uphold everyone's faith, interweaving their values, and collaborating the vision of animation.  In the role of project management, I have learned to trust that I can be part of the animation universe but not be the only one in it, and that I can lead a truly glorious vision with everyone.

By enjoying diving deep and going far, we thrive in different dimensions in animation together.


Professional Experience

December 2017 - April 2019

Project Assistant

Assisted animators and photographers. Project management, researched reports, detailed integrated notes in brainstorm sessions. Managed the official website and social media program.

April 2019 - present

Creative Producer / PM

Schedule, assembly, project management. Creative producing personal original stories. Direct pre-production, consolidate production and promote post-production.

September 2014 - March 2019

CG Artist / Screenwriter

2D/3D graphic, video, animation design. Wrote plays, composed outlines, modified detailed stories. Edited footage and animetic timing issue.

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