Hua stays alone in the boudoir, waiting for a split-new importance break into her life. In other words, she is preparing for herself to get stronger. Eventually, she will break out, growing more beautiful than people expect. No matter if there is a person who steps into her life; she is able to get out of darkness into the sun one day, accepting the wonderful world and beautiful self. 

The butterfly-look female character named "Hua", which is the translation of Chinese "flower". I designed the beautiful look like a butterfly which is actually fragile. The robe hangs on the floor as if the feeble wings which still cannot fly. Nonetheless, her mind is much stronger than her appearance. She is waiting patiently to be powerful enough aside in the sunshine. She strives as much as possible to exist in her way. 

She believes that she is able to fly up high to the sky, to reach the goal, to complete her dream.

Production Development

Environment Design 1
Environment Design 2
Breakaway - Out of the darkness into the sun.
Character Design front
Character Design side
Character Design back
Face Detail 1
Face Detail 2
Face Detail 3