Exploded Inspiration

Designers try hard to ponder on a creative project always. They wreck their brains excessively in order to create an unprecedented project, yet those got a headache with only some trite ideas. Furthermore, if people get too stressed, their nerves would intertwine together.

On the other hand, the inspiration would appear in the time in which people never expect, just like an explosion. The only thing we have to do is live freely without overmuch stress, then the great inspiration and idea would explode occasionally. The light stands for the potential danger, using several triangles and scraps as the damaged parts.  When people get a headache, their brain would feel like tough steel instead of the flexible cell.  Thus if people overuse their brains, their brains would get trouble like broken steel.  Overlapping plenty of layers of the brain, expressing the complicated structure of the brain.

Production Development

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