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Team of RenaiDance


Han Chen Chang

( Verena )

Creative Producer
Project Manager


Zhike Yang

( Keke )

Creative Director
Story Artist


Wenjie Wu

( Alex )

Technical Director
Lighter / Compositor

Latest Progress (WIP)


Team Members

Original Story, Storyboarding, Concept Arts, Visual Development, Layout, Editing, Matt Painting, Promotion Design.

Creative Director: Zhike Yang (Keke)

Technical Research & Development, Pipeline TD, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, CFX Simulation, VFX & Effects, Compositing.

Technical Director: Wenjie Wu (Alex)

Creative Producer (PM): Han Chen Chang (Verena)

 Screenplay/ Script, Project Management, Promotion & Distribution, 

Rigging, Animation, Editing, Mixing, Sound Design (Voice-over) Directing, 

Title & Credit Design, Crowdfunding Campaign, Technical support.


Terrence Masson, Trilby Schreiber

Steve Rittler, Angelica Vergel

Anney Bonney, Edgar David Grana


James Graimaldi

Casey Reuter

Suzie Cimato

Andrea Atwater

Co-Artists / Technical Assistance

Original Soundtrack: Zak McNeil

Soundtrack/ Music Composing, Tone Directing.

Sound Designer: Denis Nechipurenko

Sound Design, Mixing, Voice-over Directing.

Voice-over: Florence Dueck

Casting "Bella" & "Mom".

Voice-over: Maxim Maslov

Casting "Grandpa".

Animation Directing Advisor: QianKun Miao

Animation Technical Directing & Advising.

Additional Props Rigging: Shamy Lai

Rigging/ Modeling Advising, Props Rigging.

Additional Animation: YuHang Li, JiCheng Zhang

Animation, Final polishment, Camera Adjustment.

Additional CFX: Herman, Chia Tse Kuo, Yue Huang

 Cloth/ Fur Simulation, Animation Adjusting.

Character Modeling/ Texturing/ Shading/ Simulation, 

Props modeling, Animating.

Generalist: Gangling Sun

Set & Props Modeling/ Texturing/ Shading/ CFX Simulation/ Props Rigging.

Generalist: Qiyang Hua

Set & Props Modeling/ Texturing/ Shading.

Generalist: Emilio Ramos

Project Description

“RenaiDance” is a 3D narrative animation. The theme is about cultural heritage and the integration of dreams, courage, and culture as transformation. By interpreting “inheritance” through the Chinese-artistic style and the emotional story, this film is about strong family love and elder culture in a never-ending chain.

Through working in a team of three include Han Chen Chang (Verena), Zhike Yang (Keke), Wenjie Wu (Alex), we figured out the best story together based on our beloved culture. We appreciate and collaborate well with each other, we will begin the exciting journey of animation production.

By narrative, the family love between the main characters Bella and her grandfather, the story describes and integrates the unique cultures with Chinese traditional Lion Dancing culture and Western Modern Ballet dancing. In the end, both of the past family love and disappearing traditional culture can exist permanently in the world by the emotional miracle we create.

Cultures, beliefs, and inheritance, are extremely important in their lives as support systems for achieving goals.  To imagine just how critical these are for anyone to imagine that these significant mental and emotional foundations suddenly disappeared. What if your family passed away during your youthful growth process? Without their backing, how could you support yourself and continue your search for self-knowledge, to know who you are in your life? These questions are indirectly raised using various kinds of fantastic elements in the story; a miracle is a key point to make the conflicts shocking but gorgeous, which is also a significant turning point in the story.

To complete an exquisite story, we chose to show it in three minutes without dialog but a perfect soundtrack instead. In order to match the different cultures between Chinese and Western, we will focus on the tone of the sound design and music, which is represented by traditional Chinese instruments, Western Ballet Classic music, and modern electric sound effects. The original soundtrack and sound design with vivid voice-over show the conflict and climax by stacking emotions, then creating an emotional atmosphere at the very right moment.

We appreciate every supportive talent with the most sincere respect.

© Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, Han Chen Chang  2020


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Zhike Yang (Keke):

Wenjie Wu (Alex):