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Team of NoWhereMan

Chong Liu

( Max )

Creative Director

Han Chen Chang

( Verena )

Creative Producer
Project Manager

Kuan Ting Lu

( CK )

Technical Director


Team members

Original Story, Storyboarding, Concept Arts & Design, Layout, Modeling, Matt Painting, Texturing, Simulation, Sound Design.

Creative Director: Chong Liu (Max)

Technical Research & Development, Modeling, Blocking, Lighting,

Animation, Rendering, Simulation, VFX & Effects, Compositing.

Technical Director: Kuan Ting Lu (CK)

Creative Producer(PM): Han Chen Chang (Verena)

 Script, Pre-production Research & Development, Project Management, 

Funding, Promotion & Distribution, Technical & Financial support.


Terrence Masson, Trilby Schreiber

Steve Rittler, Angelica Vergel


Christopher W. Mauch

Justin Gladis

Suzie Cimato

Edgar David Grana

Co-Artists / Technical Assistance

Music Composer: Mons Niklas Schak

Music composing, Sound Effect, Tone Directing.

Sound Designer: Denis Nechipurenko

Sound Design, Mixing, Tone Directing.

Project Description

NoWhereMan is a 3D animated film about a hero who was sacrificed by the government and the masses.

A marshal announced to the public about their first-time travel experiment called "Time Traveler", which was a result of the military competition. Their national hero was selected for this task. After that, the hero proceeded to the time machine.


However, in the process of time traversing, the hero was trapped in the repetitive timeline between 23:59 to 00:00 due to technical errors. He took out the cross hanging on his neck and then started marking the glass surface of the time machine. As time travel was conducted repeatedly, the number of marks he left was also increasing.


When the marshal walked into the chamber, he was shocked by a huge amount of nicks and blood on the surface of the time machine.


As time went by, the crowd cheered and praised the national heroes with the most beautiful words they could think of. The sculptures of heroes have been produced in a steady stream.

“We’ve been to the past !”, This turned into something that everyone was proud of and universally accepted. With fighter planes screaming above the sky, the whole city seemed to be immersed in a beautiful dream.


Han Chen Chang (Verena):

Chong Liu (Max):

Kuan Ting Lu (CK):

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