Windows of The Soul

© Han Chen Chang (Verena Quang)  2020 



What is "Art"?

The story is about a much-feared and generally disliked spirit

who wanders into the world on a quest for beauty.

Project Description

The theme is about art, beauty, and self-knowledge as transformation. We will interpret “beauty” through the artistic style and story.

The main character, the little spider, was hated by everyone. He didn’t know why everyone hated him until he was in an alley one night and saw his scary reflection in a piece of broken glass. In the same fragment of glass, he saw a reflection of the starry night. It was so different from his own monster-like appearance. He realized for the first time what beauty is, and inspired by that he embarked on his journey.

The little spider wandered in the world, viewing every beautiful scene, learning about “beauty” through other people's eyes, trying hard to learn how to become beautiful. During the trip, he discovered that people love flowers. He admired their beauty and tried to imitate them. He thought if he could be more like a flower people might like him, yet he found that he could not be loved even though he pursued the beauty of a flower with such passion. He was desperate. However, he realized that he had his own beauty as unique in the world as the starry night. Then he no longer pursued "beauty" in a conventional way, he would express his beauty in his own way, joyfully to the world.

The characters will be the spider, flowers, and those people the spider will meet during the journey and in the gallery. In the course of the film, the spider goes from an alley to a hillside and then to a gallery. In the end, the little spider will figure out what the actual meaning of “beauty” is, that "beauty" is within himself. It turns out that no one can define beauty. As Plato said: “Auto to kalon” meaning “Those who can attain beauty see it as itself.” Furthermore, the title “Windows of The Soul” comes from “The eyes which are the windows of the soul” as Plato also said. We will connect the story through the spider’s eyes which are his unique beauty.

Production Development

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Character Design