Sublimated Hope

Everyone experiences an upset period, feeling helpless and forlorn. During the dark abyss, please keep this in mind: you are not always the only one. There will be a small light in the dark, no matter how tiny it is, all you have to do is catch it bravely. Finally, the light would rise and turn larger, and the desperation will vanish truly. In my opinion, jellyfish is an animal which is delicate but fortitude. They come from the darkest abyss and access the light directly. They swim smoothly without any hesitancy or fear, no matter how weak they are actually. Thus, I call their unrestrained behavior a "sublimated hope", as if an illusory wish. The rising jellyfish symbolizes a sublimated hope, meaning that every negative thing would become better after sustained effort. 
Please never give up.

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